Sinophone Unrealities Podcast

Ep1 (June 2021):

Invisible Realms of Science Fiction with Mingwei Song

Ep 2 (July 2021):

Science Fiction is a Many-gendered Thing with Regina Kanyu Wang


I’ve started this podcast to explore the latest research into speculative Sinophone fiction through informal conversations with other researchers/writers/translators about their work and their passions. I’m as thrilled as the next person by the increasing popularity of Chinese SF, but I feel that by widening the generic scope to include all works with speculative elements such as fantasy, time-travel fiction, weird stories, and other genre-defying experiments we can really appreciate the glittering variety and spectacular inventiveness of contemporary fiction in Chinese.

Artwork by Joanne Taylor/NettOp/UiS

Just as some texts refuse to be confined to a single genre, so do many scholars have a finger in more than one literary pie. Some write poetry to express themselves differently than the peer reviewed paper allows, many translate to make their research material available to people in their homeland and share the wonderful tales they discover on their forays into other languages. Some begin as writers or translators and turn to academia later as a breath of fresh air, bringing whole new curriculums and practical perspectives with them. This fruitful collaboration between literary spheres and the multiple roles we play in academia and beyond is something I will return to throughout this series.

If SF blockbusters have paved the way, there is no reason to stop here and miss the treasure troves of mythical robotics, humanoid tree-people, premodern string-based internets, and mushroom-houses that lie ahead. Join me for new adventures into the world of Sinophone Unrealities.

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This podcast is produced by NettOp/University of Stavanger.