For about a year longer, I am in the fortunate position of being a doctoral candidate at the Centre for Languages and Literature, Lund University, Sweden – fortunate because most days, my office looks like this:

I’m currently writing my dissertation on cityscape and memory in contemporary urban fiction from Hong Kong, Shanghai and Taipei and wishing I had a proper academic cat to keep me company and do the spell check. Instead, I have a daytime frog and a late night toad, which is not bad at all.

In my work, I analyse narrative representations of space and time with inspiration from literary cartography, walking as method, multisensory narration, concepts of privacy, plants in literature, philosophy of language and probably more to come.

For the record, I hold an MA in comparative literature (specialising in Chinese literature) from University of Copenhagen, including half a year at Peking University (北大). At the moment,  I teach a master’s level course on Urban Chinese Fiction at Lund University and am an active member of the Forum for Comparative Literature as well as the Association for Chinese and Comparative Literature. I quite like writing, and do it a lot, and so previous publications include subjects such as literary drinking cultures, allegorical cannibalism, fictional dictionaries and Daoist commensality in Chinese fiction.

Astrid Møller-Olsen 艾喜
Doctoral Candidate
Urban Chinese Fiction
Centre for Languages and Literature
Lund University

Contact me:


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