I am currently International Research Fellow in a shared position between Lund University (Sweden), University of Stavanger (Norway), and University of Oxford (UK) funded by the Swedish Research Council. At the moment, I am located at the outskirts of Stavanger among beautiful fjords, friendly people, and fascinating seaweed (no irony here, there are so many awesome kinds of seaweed, and I want to get to know them all!)P1050601

I have a doctorate in Chinese Literature from Lund University, 2020. In my dissertation, I analyse how contemporary fictional works from Hong Kong, Shanghai and Taipei narrate the complex relationship between body, memory and cityscape. Through a focus on reimagined and metaphorically extended sensory modes that I call literary sensory studies, I engage with themes of scented nostalgia, flavours in fiction, walking as method, literary cartography, the melody of language, gendered cityscapes, metafictional dreams and rhythmic senses of time.

I hold an MA in comparative literature (specialising in Chinese literature) from University of Copenhagen (Denmark), including half a year at Peking University (北大).

As a lecturer at Lund University, I have designed taught a master’s level course on urban Chinese fiction as well as taught a bachelor’s level course on modern Chinese history. I am an active member of the Forum for Comparative Literature as well as the Association for Chinese and Comparative Literature.

I have published on a variety of subjects including literary drinking cultures, allegorical cannibalism, Daoist commensality , fictional dictionaries, urban heritage, and digital chronotopes in Chinese and Sinophone fiction (see under the headline “publications” for a full list).

Astrid Møller-Olsen 艾喜

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