I am currently International Research Fellow in a shared position between Lund University (Sweden), University of Stavanger (Norway), and University of Oxford (UK) funded by the Swedish Research Council. At the moment, I am located at the outskirts of Stavanger among beautiful fjords, friendly people, and fascinating seaweed (there are so many awesome kinds of seaweed, and I want to get to know them all!).

NB: I answer to Astrid, 艾喜 or Dr. Møller-Olsen (not miss or dear Sir).


My first monograph Sensing the Sinophone: Urban Memoryscapes in Contemporary Fiction is forthcoming with Cambria Press 2022 – why not order one for your library, the taste is quite nice.

I have a doctorate in Chinese Literature from Lund University, 2020 and an MA in comparative literature from University of Copenhagen (Denmark). I have also been affiliated with Peking University (Beijing) and Fudan University (Shanghai).

Teaching experience includes modern Chinese literature and history, literary theory, academic writing, and gender studies.

I am affiliated with The Greenhouse Environmental Humanities Initiative and the Centre for Gender Studies at University of Stavanger, the The University of Oxford China Centre, and the Centre for Languages and Literature at Lund University.

I am an active member of The Association for Chinese and Comparative Literature (ACCL), The Asia-Norway Environmental Storytelling Network (ANEST), the Lund University Forum for Comparative Literature as well as the Society of Sinophone Studies.

I have published on a variety of subjects including literary drinking cultures, allegorical cannibalism, Daoist commensality , fictional dictionaries, urban heritage, and digital chronotopes in Chinese and Sinophone fiction (see under the headline “publications” for a full list).

Astrid Møller-Olsen 艾喜

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